How to download Magix Samplitude Pro for free

In my previous post i linked to a website wich offers a working cracked version of Magix Samplitude pro x. Recently i found another site wich has tons of available daws and other softwares also for completly free. Have you ever guys visited this site? Check the video it show you step by step, how to download Samplitude pro for free.

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Magix Samplitude pro free download – review of the affordable and cool DAW

Magix Samplitude pro free download is a great option for beginner producers. Samplitude pro can be described as a great package for editing and creating songs and music.

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The DAW offers a music studio which is full of numerous features that enable users to create some unique and interesting music at only a fraction of what such software is usually priced at. It supports up to 128 tracks of MIDI and 24-bit, 96kHz audio. This is pretty awesome for a program that can be freely downloaded and makes for an impressive and extensive platform for music production and development. A user can add unlimited VST and DirectX plugins to the software which can be used to enhance the overall experience. The software also allows you to use multiple instruments and there’s no limit to their number.

  • The user interface
    • The user interface looks simple and very effective.
    • It is neat and the controls are laid out properly and for easy access.
    • The downside is that it is not as friendly as it seems at first glance.
    • The workshop has cryptic controls in some random fonts and styles.
    • The occasional labels and tool tips have remained untranslated from German.
    • For non-German speaking folks, this software can be a bit daunting and unwelcoming.
    • The developers should make the changes to accommodate the demands of more users for a more effective program.
  • Instruments and sound
    • The user is given control of numerous aspects of sound production.
    • You can add multiple instruments and plug-ins to create a blend that you like.
    • At the same time, there is some disappointment waiting for you as there is no way to control the oscillators directly.
    • The software boasts to be a high end program but oscillator control is missing which gives it a few negative points.
    • Also, there is no way to directly control the sequencer either.
    • The user gets four of Magix’s vital solo instruments – electric piano, vintage organ, power guitar, and pop brass.
    • There is limited control over precision but a lot is still possible.
  • The integrated Vocal Tune module
    • This is a very nice feature of this software and proves to help the program in being great for recording vocals.
    • The automatic setting is to make your voice sound rigid, stable, and robotic.
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    • The setting can, however, be changed and you can improved the level of “naturalness” quite easily by simply moving the slider related to this setting.
    • It is possible to drag the individual notes up and down by a semitone each time to create a more natural and flowing sound.

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Though it lacks in some places, Magix Samplitude pro free download is still a very good option It is not easy to find any other software that would offer the same level of control and quality as this one does. If you are interested in a downloading samplitude pro x2 then I will share the download links in my next post. It comes with samplitude pro x suite keygen!